Spring Fever- Gardening

Ever since it started getting warm outside I’ve been fantasizing about my garden. In my head I have an image of a beautiful and yet functional backyard/patio garden. My garden is mostly in pots because If we move I want to be able to take it with us. It acts as a privacy screen to obstruct the view between our patio and our neighbor’s patio. It will provide many delicious vegetables, and it will smell great with all of the various flowering herbs (and miscellaneous flowers) I hImageave mixed in. And mostly it will be a wonderful and comfortable place for my family and I to relax in the evenings.

Now of course reality and fantasy rarely cooperate with each other. The reality of the situation is that I can’t rationalize spending the kind of money that my fantasy garden will take on a seasonal hobby. To build just the patio planter box and fill it with dirt it would cost over $100 not even including the cost of plants, or seeds. I’m not even going to start digging into the costs of the patio furniture and decorative elements, it’s just too depressing.

So, now I am rebuilding my fantasy garden from scratch. I am using the existing yard instead of pots. If we move the next tenants will have a bonus garden in the backyard when they move in.


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