Building Block Magnets


My youngest son, now 14 months old has been having a blast lately with his building blocks. So I got the idea to incorporate the block theme into other activities. My older son’s school sends their lunch calendar home as a magnet so that you can put it on the fridge. So my big idea… Turn last year’s lunch calendar into block magnets! My son and I can stick them on the fridge and he gets more exposure to the all important letters and numbers.Blocks

I went searching for a printable sheet of block images that I could color and cut to glue onto my magnet pieces. I came up with absolutely nothing, so I spent some time during his nap to make my own. Some other possibilities for this handy little file are customized door signs, scrap-booking accents, and tracing pages. If you would like to use the file for your own project the image on the right will link you to my dropbox account where you can download it.

I had a lot of fun coloring and gluing. The cutting was a bit tedious, but I have to say I am quite pleased with the finished product. If I did this again I would probably try to find a way to laminate the surface of the finished magnet because mine are already showing some dirty fingerprints.


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