Gardenzilla Rawr!

I spent time this spring meticulously planning, plotting, and designing my garden. My goal was an attractive garden that produced food to eat and also created a bit of a privacy fence for my patio. I researched what plants grow well together. Did you know that tomatoes are sweeter if planted near carrots? I found out how much space each plant needs because in the past I have been guilty of planting things too closely together making it difficult to find ripe fruits and vegetables. I thought I had it all worked out. With the help of I even set up reminders to do things like soil prep, planting, watering, and harvesting. Nature is laughing at me right now.

Average rainfall in my area for May 1 – August 27 (today) is 14.65″. So far we have received 18.52″, and thunderstorms are in our forecast for today. That doesn’t seem horribly out of proportion until you actually look at when the rain fell. May was 2.43″ below average for rainfall. June and August are both above average, but not remarkably so. But July, oh July.. This is when Nature decided to play a practical joke on me. We got 9.16″ of rain in the month of July! More than twice the average amount of rainfall. Many of you have probably zoned out, or gone cross-eyed at all of these numbers, so here is my garden’s progress through the summer. I only watered for the first two weeks, after that it only ever received rainwater (no fertilizer either).


The tomato plants got to be about 6 feet tall before they finally collapsed and started creeping across the yard. The carrots are still there buried under the tomato plants, and doing quite well. I have gotten a lot of delicious fresh fruits and veggies out of my garden. I just failed at the controlled, attractive garden I was going for. It looks more like a miniature jungle in my backyard.


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