Is it bedtime yet?

I have no idea what causes it but he goes through phases of hating sleep. He is just past the 22 month mark and last night I think my husband and I got a whopping 3 hours of sleep. He made it to work like a champ, and I took a nap at the earliest opportunity.

I don’t know why but my son kept waking up screaming and insisting on going down stairs. Nothing we did could calm him down. Sitting, standing, food, drink, rocking, cuddling… It all produced the same result, screaming. The only thing that would shush him was distracting him with TV and as soon as we turned it on the crying stopped and he started grinning like he wasn’t just screaming loud enough to wake the neighborhood. Back to bed 30 minutes later and then repeat the whole ordeal about an hour after that.

He decided to up the ante when I put him down for his nap. He complained about being put to bed about 3x longer than normal, but with him being overly tired I wasn’t surprised. Eventually he drifted off to sleep and I passed out despite drinking a really big cup of really strong coffee not 15 minutes before that. When he woke up, screaming, I was greeted by a naked bottom in the air and an absolutely soaked kid and bed. At least it was only pee.

After a bath, and lunch (and his three hour nap!) thankfully he is having a much better day. I have a feeling everyone in my house will be in bed at 9pm tonight.



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